Learning a language is an interesting and rewarding journey, but it takes time and preparation to reach fluency. The first step is always to choose a language which inspires you and for which there are resources available to learn it. Fortunately, CU offers many languages for you to choose from.

Once you've selected a language, it's time to figure out what you want to do with it. Your goal may be to simply complete CU's core competencies and MAPs requirements, but if you're interested in truly exploring the new culture you've discovered, our extensive collection of language materials is available for all language students and teachers.

Knowing a second language can also be an exceptionally valuable skill when looking for employment after you graduate, but finding those jobs can sometimes be an intimidating task. To help with this process, we've created an entire page devoted to helping students find employment using their foreign language skills.

If travel is your ultimate goal, we recommend contacting the Study Abroad Program for more information and travel opportunities.


ALTEC isn't just here for the students, we exist to support the entire language learning community here at CU, and we have a number of resources available for teachers looking to improve their teaching processes, guide students as effectively as possible, and further their own professional development. For more information, please see our Teacher Resources page.