Learn Now!

ALTEC has resources to help you start learning right now. These include exercises for practicing a specific language, talks from our workshops, or just a course in audacity so that you can use it to record yourself. You can take the first step to learning here, and then continue your journey by looking at the rest of our site.


To help the language students at CU we have a number of pages with the audio exercises for their language textbooks. We also provide instructions for using Audacity, free audio software. An advanced student might enjoy listening to some of the new ideas in language learning presented by our speakers.


A teacher could start learning by looking at our online FLTP workshops. You can also catch up on new topics in language learning by watching the excellent talks given by speakers at ALTEC over the years. If you want to develop your own audio materials you can check out our audio editing guide using Audacity.

Language learning begins when you decide to start studing. There is no reason to delay. Make time now and learn something now so that you will have the time tomorrow to learn more.