Forms, Materials, and Policies


Course Redesign Preview Course Redesign Application

Foreign Language teachers at CU can work with us to redesign their courses. We are happy to help any teacher. To encourage teachers to think about this, we have a course redesign program and grant. In order to get the grant you must fill out the form and return it to Mark Knowles. Of course you should also check out our additional online information about this project.

Course Materials Request Form Preview Course Materials Request Form

Would you like to request a film, audio materials, or software for a class? Our Course Materials Request Form can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format. Please fill out the form, obtain an approval signature from your department, and return it to:

ALTEC Course Fees Purchasing Committee
Campus Box 239
Hellems 156
Copyright Sign Off Form Preview Faculty Copyright Sign Off Form

Before we can stream video for a teacher we need them to tell us that they are following copyright law. It is great that we can stream video to students, but this right is granted by the laws governing Fair Use. There are many studios which worry that we will be giving their material away. We can assure them that we are protecting their material and only using it for Fair Use. This form is part of that protection process.

Streaming Video Request Form Preview Streaming Video Request Form

You can stream the videos for your class online and allow your students to view them at home. All of the videos must be in DVD format and ALTEC must have a copy. You can request that ALTEC purchase a copy using the Course Materials Request Form above. To request a video be streamed fill out either the Word or PDF form and return it to ALTEC. You will also need to fill out a Faculty Copyright Sign Off Form.

Student Employee Application Preview Student Employee Application

Students can apply to work in our lab. You can use this form to apply for a position. You should also look at our page on employment.

Student Media Release Form Preview Student Media Release Form

Are your students doing a media project or on-camera interview? This is a release form for your budding actors. The form makes it clear that the University is allowed to show their masterpiece for educational purposes.


FLTP Brochure Preview FLTP Brochure

Would you like a printable explanation of the FLTP program? This brochure can be printed to give to your friends to encourage them to join the program. You can also point them to our online information.

FLTP Schedule Preview FLTP Schedule

Did you miss the FLTP Schedule flyer? You can download and print it yourself or look at the workshop calendar online and sign up for your workshops today.


Mac Classroom Policy Preview Mac Classroom (145) Policy

You can reserve the Mac Classroom (Hellems 145) for a class or event. This policy guides us in resolving the scheduling conflicts.

PC Classroom Policy Preview PC Classroom (152) Policy

The PC Classroom can also be reserved, but the policies are different from the Mac Classroom. The PC Classroom can be reserved by contacting the Resource Coordinator (Jennifer Katzung:, 303-492-8224).

Checkout Policy Preview Checkout Policy

In general you can checkout films for viewing in our lab, but what if you want to checkout equipment, or put items on reserve? The checkout policy will give you a better idea of what you can check out in the odd cases of equipment, reserve, materials for classes or other special cases.